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The Bugatti (fully known as the Bugatti Veyron) is a now unobtainable Hypercar in Jailbreak. Added in the Jewelry Store update/June 2017 Update, along with the Jewelry Store, this car destroyed Top Speed records across the board, as well with a good spawn by the Jewelry Store, making this the best car to buy at the time. It stayed like this for a long time, until the Winter 2018 Update, which added in the Torpedo, which took the title of the fastest car in the game from the Bugatti, thus placing the Veyron in second. Soon enough, in the Seasons 4/Fall 2019 Update, the Torpedo went Off-Sale, and the Bugatti was the fastest car to buy again. It didn't last long however, as in the next update, a new hypercar showed up: the Tesla Roadster. Even though the Veyron was still the fastest car on sale, and had a far higher top speed and reverse speed than the Roadster, the Roadster had much better launch and acceleration. Because of this, the Veyron lost popularity. In February of 2020, it was announced that the Mustang and Mini-Cooper were set to retire in March, locking them from Purchase. Later in the Month, parts of the Bugatti Chiron were leaked in Asimo3089's inventory. Later, they showed off the Chiron, and announced the Veyron would be set to retire as well. Upon retiring, the Veyron was replaced by the Chiron, got a pinstripe decal, and players who owned the now retired Veyron were given $200,000 to help buy the Chiron. Despite all blow towards the Bugatti Veyron, it still held two records: fastest reverse speed and fastest stock top speed. However, with the addition of the Blade in the August 2020 update, the Veyron lost its record for the fastest reverse speed, as the Blade had a higher one. But for some reason, the Blade was removed in the October 2020 update, and this was good for the Bugatti, as it reclaimed its record for the fastest reverse speed. However, this didn't last long. In the November 2020 update, the Blade was replaced by the Drone, which stole the fastest reverse speed record from the Bugatti. Now, the Veyron only holds the record of the fastest stock top speed.

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