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The Lamborghini is the first supercar added in Jailbreak, released in the Supercar Update on April 29, 2017.                 


The Lamborghini is very good for its price. It is $100,000, yet it nearly compares with hypercars in performance. The Lamborghini is actually the 5th fastest vehicle in game. The Lamborghini has great launch and decent acceleration, but it still falls behind the Ferrari in mid distances. The handling is fairly good, but it slightly understeers in low-speed corners sometimes. The off-roading is mediocre at best, but it beats the Roadster in terms of off-roading, but the Lamborghini still doesn't have great off-roading. The brakes are not too amazing, but not too bad. Overall, the Lamborghini is definitely worth its price, and it is recommended that beginners save up for this as their overall vehicle.