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The McLaren is a supercar added in the 2017 WInter Update of Jailbreak alongside the Volt Bike and ATV.                 


The McLaren is not a bad vehicle at all, but it has received negative feedback from players. It was meant to sacrifice high speed for handling, which it did, at it does have very good handling. However, many players believe the sacrifices to its speed were too much. It's top speed is only moderately faster than the Cybertruck. Albeit, that is a high top speed, but the Cybertruck costs $75,000, while the McLaren costs $300,000, which made the McLaren somewhat slow for the price. Despite that, it was still well received for its looks, handling, and braking, with many people calling it the best looking car in Jailbreak. Unfortunately, its looks didn't make up for its speed. It was retired in July 2020 alongside the SUV, and so far, it has not been replaced.

All in all, the McLaren is a great car, but its cost of $300,000 made it somewhat overpriced for the speed.


  • It is recommended that you use the McLaren for the Jewelry Store glitch.
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