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The Model 3 (known in real life as the Tesla Model 3) is an electric sedan found near the Badimo chargers near the Bank and Jewelry Store. The Model 3 has received positive feedback from many players, because it is a great beginner car. It has fast speed, acceleration, and launch. The only disappointing aspects of it is its reverse speed and off roading; they are incredibly sluggish. Other than that, the Model 3 is a great car and is definitely worth its price of $16,000.


  • Badimo chargers near the bank
  • Badimo chargers near the cross-intersection near the jewelry store


  • It is quite useful to buy this car because of the low price and high speeds.
  • Use the good amount of seats to its advantage; you can play in teams.
  • The Model 3 is very slow when not upgraded, even slower than the Camaro. If you plan to buy it, purchase the Level 5 engine right after, because that will increase speed greatly.