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The Porsche (known in real life as the Porsche 918 Spyder, and also known as the Convertible) is a now-retired sports car that spawned at the Museum.


The Porsche spawned at the Museum. It previously spawned at the Radio Station that was once in place of the Museum, as well as the Old Waterfall. The second spawn point was removed and replaced by the Ferrari, but now the Ferrari spawns at one of the Train Stations.


When the Porsche was first added, it was really good. It was the third fastest car in the game, only behind the Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini.

Today, the Porsche is somewhat irrelevant. Many cheaper vehicles, such as the Dune Buggy, SUV, Patrol, and even the free Jeep were added. It is priced at 70,000 because it was one of the only vehicles you could use items as a passenger in. The only other vehicles with this ability were the Helicopter, Pickup Truck, and SWAT Van. However, a later update made it so you could use items in any vehicle, making this feature irrelevant. The Porsche was still a great getaway from the Museum, but it was retired in November 2020, and replaced by the Porsche Boxster. Overall, the Porsche is a decent vehicle, but now there are many vehicles that are faster and cheaper.