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Vehicles are the primary method of transportation in Jailbreak. They can be purchased with in game cash, as well as the SWAT Van and Wraith being obtainable with Robux. No vehicle can be considered the greatest of all. Instead, it is up to players to find which vehicle suits them best.


  • Lock your vehicle. You don't want to be the one searching for another vehicle because you didn't lock yours!
  • Own 1 vehicle only. It is best if you do, because if you do, that will make a good difference in your money balance because you won't have to spend so much money on vehicles you don't need.
  • Choose your vehicle wisely. Recommended vehicles include the:
    • Model 3
    • Ferrari
    • Cybertruck
    • Patrol Bike
    • UFO
    • Challenger
  • Customize your vehicle. This isn't really required, but if you do customize your vehicle, it can stand out from other vehicle in terms of looks. Make sure you also upgrade the engine and brakes.
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