The Unofficial Roblox Jailbreak Wiki

"""THE PIE STOLE THE PISTOL!"" - legobrick969


The Pistol is a semi-automatic firearm and it is the most common gun in the game. It is commonly used by police and criminals alike due to its high damage and accuracy. Also, the pistol has another Skin for it exclusive to SWAT users. This can also be pick pocketed from the police but it has a low chance of this appearing. The pistol is also the most balanced weapon. The pistol had a different mesh before the gun update was released. The pistol is the best gun for shooting down helicopters and popping tires as of the July 29 update.


This can be useful when your primary gun has ran out of ammo.

This is also very useful from firing from a long distance due to it's high accuracy.

The damage is also high which is a bonus.


From Police Players, Police Headquarters, Police Station, Cell Area, Criminal Base, Criminal Base Cave.