The Unofficial Roblox Jailbreak Wiki

Note: this weapon is part of the Swat Gamepass which cost 300 Robux.
""How can a criminal possess a swat gun when they aren't swat?!?!" -jasonh34


The swat gun is an automatic firearm that shoots quickly. The SWAT gun does moderate damage compared to the Ak-47, which has extremely low damage. The swat gun is part of the Swat Gamepass, which cost 300 Robux to buy. The SWAT gun can only be obtained in the police station or the police headquarters. It is considered to be the least common gun in game due to the fact you have to pay Robux to obtain this gun. After the gun update, the SWAT Gun got a new mesh along with the pistol and shotgun.


The SWAT gun is useful when you are robbing the bank as a criminal due to the fact this is an automatic weapon with moderate damage. It is also useful because it forces cops to rush the lasers which can cause them to take damage, which in turn can help kill the cop faster.

The SWAT gun is also useful because of the high accuracy which can be used for long distance firing.

Its better to choose the M4A1 instead of the Ak-47.

Use the AK-47 with the M4A1 (SWAT gun) to do more damage if you miss shots.


Police Headquarters and Police Station.